Bolt Shop Supplied The Tauhara College Evolocity Team

About The Tauhara College Evolocity Team

Evolocity is a competition which takes a group of young people which gets them to design, build and compete the electric bike they have made. This program gives them some of the skills they would have never otherwise learnt. In a group, they learn things such as mechanical engineering building the bike, electrical engineering wiring the bike with lights and other features and programming the controller to make the bike go faster and to be more economical. It gives them a lot of experience working with a team, therefore, helps with being a good leader. The group is made up of 4, year 13 students. Most noteworthy, last years team that consisted of 6 people, competed in the competition and won the overall prize for the best bike at the nationals in Christchurch.

This years bike design is modelled off a sidecar. Meaning it will be low agile and be able to hold two people. There are a lot of different steps to building a new bike and a lot of tools they have needed to use.

How Bolt Shop Helped Out

Here at The Bolt Shop, we have been able to supply most of the tools used to make what they are calling “Evolution Scorpio ”.

  • Drill bits 0.01mm - 13mm
  • Lathe tips
  • Bearings
  • Metal punches
  • Files
  • Hacksaws
  • Allen key sets
  • Ball-peen hammers in multiple sizes

They have now finished the frame of the bike. Fraser is hard at work sanding the whole frame in preparation for painting. To clean up the bike he is using a 125x22x6 mm grinding disk which we supplied. Along with some flap disks from our wide range of cutting, grinding and sanding disks

We have also supplied all zinc bolts, nuts, washers and screws. In store we also have a wide range of welding supply’s that we sold to their teacher such as MIG, TIG, ARC and Bronze welding rods along with many other welding consumables e.g. welding helmets, gloves, welding glasses and all sorts of different pieces to help maintain welding machines.

The group is off to Hamilton on the 29th of September to compete in the regional competition. If you want to know more about the team and how they are going you can go check them out over at there facebook page that they share with the second Tauhara College Evolocity team.

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