SPIROL Releases Solid Pins Design Guide

SPIROL International Corporation has expanded its solid pin standard product offering and has introduced a new solid pin design guide with easy to read schematics and diagrams.

SPIROL’s design guide is an updated version of its solid pin catalogue, which rather than simply providing specifications, includes … valuable information such as guidance as to when to use a solid pin versus other types of press-fit pins; features and benefits of each type of solid pin; and how to select the proper retention feature.

The guide also offers guidelines for selecting the proper material and finish, and has information on installation methods. It also contains the most up to date specifications for its newly updated solid pin standard product offering.

“We provide technical expertise in fastening, joining, and assembly to the world’s leading manufacturers. SPIROL engineers can work with your design teams to recommend the best solution at the lowest total assembly cost. Involve SPIROL early in the design stage of your next project.”