Garden Frames – A Fastening Solution From The Bolt Shop

Matt, a keen gardener came to us with a little problem. When he moved into his new home he’d inherited an established, 35 year (or more) garden that had gotten out of control for the past owners (a lovely elderly couple who’d done all the hard work).Garden Frame - Fastening Solutions

The Garden Frame Problem

One of the issues Matt faced was that the old timber garden frames that held up the grapes had seen better days and needed to be demolished. Not wanting to build new timber garden frames, Matt came to us seeking a solution.

To paint a picture of the property, imagine if you can a large 70’s style home set on the classic Kiwi quarter acre, fully fenced with concrete block walls, in Auckland’s central suburbs.

The original garden frame had been constructed from 2×4 timber lengths bolted to the concrete block wall and some old string threaded through metal screw eyes. Not wanting to repeat this setup Matt was hoping that we could provide him with a fastening that he could anchor to the block work and would be strong enough to protrude from the wall by 180mm so that he wouldn’t have to plant “hard up” against the block wall.

The Solution

Matt says “When I met the guys at Bolt Shop, I knew I’d come to the right place to get exactly what I had in my mind. Within moments, they had me sketching out my plans and then they took me on a quick tour around the shop to show me everything they could recommend for my project”

Interpreting what Matt wanted (he already had stainless cable (wire rope) and crimps sorted) we suggested Drop-In Anchors, Lifting Eye Nuts, Eye-Hook Bolts and Threaded Rod. He also needed the right sized masonry drill to finish the job.

“Because I’d just come off having surgery my energy wasn’t the best when I did this weekend project so I’m glad I chose to use steel fastenings instead of timber to make the garden frames. All up the project took less than an hour plus it’s bloody bulletproof , this time it will definitely outlast me.” says Matt

M10 190mm Eye Hook BoltSumming Up

Here’s a list of what Matt used for his garden frame

  • 8 x M10 Lifting Eye Nuts
  • 2 x 1 Metre M10 Steel Threaded Rods
  • 12 x M10 Drop-In Anchors
  • 3 x M10 190mm Eye Hook Bolts
  • 15 metres of stainless cable (3mm wire rope) and half a dozen wire rope crimps

Tools Used To Construct The Garden Frame

  • 22mm Hammer Drill
  • 12M x 150mm Masonry Drill
  • 600mm Swage Crimp Pliers
  • 335mm Wire Cutters