Our Story

Formed in 2000, The Bolt Shop can still be found at it's original premises on Archers Road, Glenfield where you'll find those familiar faces of our team who've been there since the beginning along with some new blood.

And due to demand, another branch was opened at 23 Ash Road, Wiri which is home base to Christine and Tony, we'll tell you more about them later.

The team along with Managing Director, Geoff Smith have a huge amount of experience in the fastening and engineering fields and they, of course, are always ready to use this expertise to help you with the complexities of your projects and solve any "hard to work out" problems.

The Bolt Shop stores carry an amazing range of fasteners and those hard to find nuts, bolts and screws not available at other fastening suppliers and general hardware store. In fact, at any given time there are more than 2.7 million items in stock so we can pretty much guarantee to have what you need on hand, when you need it.

The Bolt Shop Staff 11

Our Glenfield Team

Beginning on the left, we have Sandra who's friendly smile will most often greet you as you enter our Northshore store in Glenfield.

Next, is one of our Directors, Geoff Smith. You'll often find Geoff on the shop floor solving problems for customers.

Behind Geoff is John Storr, John is also a Director and General Manager. John is often on the phone offering technical support to customers, designers, engineer's and specifiers.

Louise is our admin and office support extraordinaire and it often her voice you'll hear when you call and she'll quickly put you on the line with the best person to answer your questions.

Lastly, the next two people are our front line field reps, Ben and Sarah. They are mainly out and about calling on customers and helping out with any specific projects the customer will be working on. But from time to time, if you're lucky you'll get to meet them in the shop too.

Call on 09 441-9425 to talk with one of the team at Glenfield 

The Bolt Shop Wiri

Our Wiri Team

Out in South Auckland, at our Wiri store you'll get served most days by Malcolm - that handsome gentleman on the left. Malcolm's always ready with the right questions to ask to help you find the right fastening product every time.

On the far right, Jared has been a member of our team for a number of years, beginning his career in fastenings at our Glenfield store and personally trained by Geoff and John who then entrusted him with sole-charge of the Wiri operation for the first 18 months of the stores life. Wiri has become so busy that John and Geoff head-hunted Malcolm to give Jared a hand and allow him to get on the road a bit more to look after our South Auckland Customers.

Call on 09 262-2944 to talk with one of the team at Wiri